Chuck Wells & Associates is Moving!!!

Yes, we really are moving!  We have just signed a new long term lease in the Design Center and are very pleased to share our news.  Demo will start in a couple of weeks and we hope to move sometime in mid-Summer.  For several years we have wanted more space to showcase our growing fabric and furniture lines.  We are excited to have the unique… Read more

Introducing Fusion Glass from Charleston Forge

Fusion Glass creates a contemporary and visually stunning design in furniture; also it is durable and easy to clean.   Fusion Glass is crafted by laminating together four pieces of ultra-clear glass and polishing down the edges.  At certain temperatures, glass tends to melt.  When two or more separate pieces are placed together inside a hot kiln, these pieces soften and then meld together. After cooling down, the pieces are… Read more

Milling Road Collection from Baker Furniture

We are excited to introduce the new Milling Road Collection from Baker Furniture.  Designed by style-setter Kara Mann, this eclectic collection features casual, relaxed designs meticulously fashioned by Baker craftsmen.  Architectural, purposeful and quietly impactful – The new Milling Road Collection by Kara Mann. Check out the Kara Mann Collection HERE

Duralee Fabrics & John Robshaw

Duralee Fabrics and celebrated designer John Robshaw have collaborated on an exciting new collection inspired by traditional Indian dyeing techniques and hand blocked prints that mark his unique style.  By mixing up patterns and overlapping them in a more formally artistic way, Robshaw’s signature dynamic look was crafted: an updated spin on the exotic, handmade object.

Alfonso Marina

We are very honored to be the new home for Alfonso Marina in the Denver Design District. As an artist with a love for fine furniture, Alfonso Marina began creating his furniture in Mexico City in 1971. Timeless elegance, authentic designs and rare quality are hallmarks of Alfonso Marina.

Guy Chaddock

We are very pleased to be the new home for Guy Chaddock in the Design District. For over 67 years, Guy Chaddock has built a reputation for superb craftsmanship and finishing. Interpreting classic designs for today’s life style is a Guy Chaddock raison d’étre.

Baker Furniture

One of the unique aspects of Baker Furniture is the special relationship Baker has with some of the leading furniture designers in the world.  Barbara Barry, Thomas Pheasant, Bill Sofield and Laura Kirar have created collections for Baker that showcase the creativity, attention to detail and commitment to excellence that only a company like Baker can provide.