As a member of the prestigious Sherrill Furniture family, Hickory White strives to create the most sought-after home furnishings – from the “sit” of chair to the “stance” of a table. Hand-tailored and hand-crafted in Hickory, North Carolina, Hickory White has furniture and upholstery styles for every discerning furniture buyer.
Many pieces made in the USA.


  • 800X1200 VERTICAL 1HW
  • 800X1200 VERTICAL 5HW
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 3HW
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 4HW
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 1HW
  • 2500X1400 FULL WIDTH 1HW
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 4HW
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 3HW
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 2HW