The name McGuire has been synonymous with style and elegance for over 70 years. McGuire is internationally known for its classic furniture designs constructed with the finest materials. Each piece of furniture is crafted by trained artisans who bend, weave and form every chair, table, or accessory by hand. McGuire’s attention to subtle detail is more than a production mandate, it’s a design philosophy. McGuire is a key member of the family of luxury brands including Baker and Milling Road.

  • 800X1200 VERTICAL 2mcguire-furn
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 1mcguire-furn
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 2mcguire-furn
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 6mcguire-furn
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 1mcguire-furn
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 2mcguire-furn
  • 2500X1400 FULL WIDTH 1mcguire-furn
  • 2500X1400 FULL WIDTH 2mcguire-furn
  • 2500X1400 FULL WIDTH 3mcguire-furn
  • 2500X1400 FULL WIDTH 4mcguire-furn