Savel Fabrics brings innovative fabric designs with luxurious textures and a breadth of color to the interior designer. Savel offers a wide range of unique fabrics including textures and patterned upholstery weights along with velvets, drapery, and mohair. Luxury textiles at their finest.

  • 800X1200 VERTICAL 2-savel
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 1-savel
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 1-savel
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 3-savel
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 4-savel
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 5-savel
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 6-savel
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 7-savel
  • 2500X1400 FULL WIDTH 3-savel
  • 2500X1400 FULL WIDTH 5-savel