Sunset West crafts high-end outdoor furniture for the casual market with comfort, style and durability in mind. Sunset West has a distinctive aesthetic that appeals to all tastes and styles – those that prefer a traditional set with all pieces from the same collection or seamless coordination while mixing for the perfectly curated, sophisticated outdoor space. Outdoor – elevated!

  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 1-sunset-west
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 2-sunset-west
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 3-sunset-west
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 1-sunset-west
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 2-sunset-west
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 5-sunset-west
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 8-sunset-west
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 9-sunset-west
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 11-sunset-west
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 13-sunset-west
  • 1200X1200 SQUARE 14-sunset-west