Hand-crafted, solid wood furniture. Woodland couples a range of style from European Country to modern classics with spectacular finishes and finishing techniques to create heirloom quality furniture. Woodland Artisan Cabinetry can create a custom kitchen, library, or any room where custom cabinetry is needed. Woodland also acquired the esteemed interior lighting and metal furniture line of the Eicher Collection to broaden its offerings.


  • 800X1200 VERTICAL 1-woodland
  • 800X1200 VERTICAL 2-woodland
  • 800X1200 VERTICAL 3-woodland
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 1-woodland
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 2-woodland
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 3-woodland
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 4-woodland
  • 1200X800 HORIZONTAL 5-woodland